October 25, 2015

Kapiolani Park

Honolulu, Hawaii

0500 start

 BioAstin Marathon Readiness Series

(That’s me on the right)

Time:  2:24:50

Pace:  7:46/mile

Distance: 30k (~18.5 miles)

Place:  1st place in 35-39F division

Overall: 43rd
Running races with friends is the best.  I was so happy to get to run with my buddy, Kiyomi.  We ran most of the way together!  I must be getting faster, because she’s usually not even in sight!  My training must be paying off, big time.  
Awards time

Don’t I look so proud of myself?!  Hahaha. 

Great running with my friend, Ryan.  He’s training for his first marathon this year.  He’s definitely training hard and should have a good race if he can stay healthy!  He’s running a very steady pace during races.  So proud of him!  Good luck, Ryan!

Kiyomi placed 3rd in her age division!  40-44F

Great job, Kiyomi!!!!

As you know, recovery is just as important as training!  So, we eat and drink a lot to nourish our poor bodies after the race.  

The race organizers provide fresh fruits, like bananas and watermelon, and I bring my own protein shake and hydration mixes.  

But really, my favorite part of cooling down is eating my ice cream!  I’ve been trying all the different flavors of Brio ice cream provided after each race of the series.  Today, I had Spring Strawberry.  It was yummy!  (But the coffee is still my favorite)

Race results are always posted quickly and it’s super exciting to see your official time, especially to find yourself on the first print out!  Yay!  First page!  Top 50!  Woot!

My trust watch keeps me on a good pace!

Top 3 in each age division get medals.  So proud to get 1st place this time!  😊 Especially so, because it’s the day before my 37th birthday.  So happy birthday to me!

Kapiolani Park is a wonderful place to start and finish a race.  Lots off space for everybody to enjoy themselves, lots of parking and bathrooms.  

And I ran a hole in my shoe!  Hopefully these shoes last me just a bit longer!  Marathon is only a month and a half away!  



Results officially posted in the Star Advertiser newspaper in Honolulu on Monday morning.


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