Runner’s HI  20K

September 6, 2015

Barber’s Point Elementary School, Kapolei, Hawaii

BioAstin Marathon Readiness Series

0600 start

12.4 miles

Time:  1:36:51

Pace:  7:47/mile

Age division (35-39 F): 2nd place!

Overall place:  48

This is the second race in the BioAstin Marathon Readiness Series, and despite feeling like crap, I ran a PR!  I bested last year’s time by 2 minutes.  woot!  But it really was a hard race for me:  legs felt heavy, it was hot, and I was on antibiotics for a sinus infection (that hadn’t even started to go away yet).  I was able to push through it and race my heart out.  

This course is my least favorite of the series.  We run three laps around Kalaeloa/Barber’s Point.  The first lap is, of course, the easiest, but not just because I’m still fresh, but because the dang sun hasn’t come up yet.  When the race starts at 0600, the sun is still sleeping.  The second and third lap, we run for about a mile into the sun (each lap).  Not fun at all.  I don’t run with sunglasses, so i feel the full effect of the sun burning my eyeballs…. and yes, it motivates me to run faster.  (i can’t run with sunglasses because of my lack of a nose.  they just bounce and slide off.  i’ve tried.)

That said, the course is flat and very fast.  And, in case of emergency, help is not far away.  There are benefits to running laps.  

The Brio Ice Cream waiting for me at the finish line was definitely a great reward!  I tried the Mellow Dark Chocolate flavor this time… and yes, it was delicious!  I will always run for ice cream!  
The ice cream is nice and cold!  I was so hot and sore that I used it as a mini ice-pack.  It needed to soften up anyway.  Felt great on my legs!

808 Race always provides lots of nourishment to help with your recovery after the race:  lots of fresh fruit and bready carbohydrates.  

My beloved Garmin watch helps me a lot.  Even though i generally run by effort and not time, when i’m dying and I feel like i’m running slow, and it’s telling me i’m still doing well, it really does make me feel better and i feel like i fight harder to keep going.  

Organizers post results very quickly so you know how well you did officially.  My official time is always faster than my watch because I take a few seconds after i finish to remember that i have to stop it.  And, this lovely yellow sheet of paper tells me if I placed.  If I do well enough, i have to stay for the awards ceremony where they give out medals to to three finishers in each age group, and prizes for the winners. 

To tell you the truth, the finish line is big and beautiful and the best thing I saw all day!  I was so happy to be done.  

Awards ceremony after the race.  Participants and race organizers are so supportive.  I love the running community here.  I never feel awkward showing up by myself and always seem to find some one friendly to talk to (even though i’m mostly an introvert).  If you’re ever thinking of running the Honolulu Marathon, i hope you’ll consider joining us in racing the marathon readiness series.  If you can keep up with the increasing distances, you’ll be more than ready to run the marathon in December.



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