Brio Ice Cream 25K

October 4, 2015

Kailua Beach Park, Kailua, Hawaii

BioAstin Marathon Readiness Series

14.75 miles

0530 start

time: 1:57:55

pace: 8:00/mile

age division (35-39 F): 2nd place!  (that’s me on the left)

overall place: 58

This is the third race in the BioAstin Marathon Readiness Series, and this course is my favorite, because of the hill and the weather.  But, it’s different than last year, because we couldn’t get access to Kaneohe Marine Corp Base, we had to run a shorter route.  The new course has a big hill (about a mile, if I’m remembering correctly) right around mile 8.  It’s tough!  But i loved it!

Kailua is on the windward side of Oahu, where it’s generally wetter and colder.  The weather on race day was perfect.  Nice and cool, with a slight mist for a little while.  I tend to overheat so really…. Couldn’t ask for better!  

Always run for ice cream!  Different flavor today, Vanilla-Caramel.  Yummy, but my favorite is still the coffee flavor.  

  And at this race Brio brought a topping bar! woot!  Healthy choices for the runners, of course, like granola, corn flake cereals in different flavors, sliced almonds, and honey.
Wicket, my traveling ewok, loves ice cream and decided on corn flakes and sliced almonds.  Yum!

Run to the finish!  (that’s not me running, obviously, since i’m taking the picture, but this is what the finish looks like).  I took this picture from where i parked my car.  

The race organizers, 808 Race, keeps official times accurate by using a chip system:  we get a velcro band to wear on our ankles that track us from start to finish (and sometimes at mile markers along the way).  The orange pads at the finish clock your official finish time.  It’s a great system, because then you don’t have to worry that you’ll have a slow time if you start at the back of the pack and it takes you extra time to get to the start:  when you pass the start mat is when your race starts (though don’t be late, because the start mat does disappear after a few minutes).  

Runners cooling off and recovering from the race.  Some people even bring their dogs too.

My watch says it was a short race.  Isn’t 25K supposed to be 15.5 miles?  oh well, I didn’t run my hardest because i was babying my sore knee.  No, it’s not from pounding the pavement.  I did hurt it during my last Honolulu Marathon, so i’ve been doing extra leg exercises in the weight room.  That’s how i hurt it.  And really it wasn’t hurting.  It still felt like it needed time to recover, but i didn’t want to ease up, so i ran as fast as i thought was comfortable.  I still felt it ache during the race a little bit, but like a lot of pains i get when running long distances, after a while it went away.  Yay!  I finished strong and because it’s a new route, it’s an automatic PR.  hahaha….

Race results postedd on a fancy board!  
they changed the font so i didn’t make the first page.  shucks. 


Here i am #58. 

I brough a big bag of clothes to donate, so i got entered into a raffle… and won!  I got a backpack and a bottle of BioAstin Hawaiian Astaxanthin!  Yay!  i’ve been taking BioAstin for a few months and i feel like it’s helping with my recovery after workouts.  So happy to get some for donating my old clothes!  Good reason to clean out my closet!  Oh and that’s my awards medal in the picture with Wicket too.  
Happy October!


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