Boca Hawaii Norman Tamanaha 15K (and my first tattoo)

August 9, 2015

Kapiolani Park, Honolulu, Hawaii

BioAstin Marathon Readiness Series

0600 start

The 15K is the first race in the Bioastin Marathon Readiness Series that preps runners for the Honolulu Marathon (in December).  The series consists of 5 races: 15K, 20K, 25K, 30K and a half marathon.  They stagger the races every few weeks.  If you are training like you’re supposed to for the marathon, the races are just the right distance to check your fitness.  Many people use the races as training runs.  I like to race them to see how fast I can go and for how long.  Test my pain tolerance.  It’s fun.  πŸ˜…

Packet pick up is before the race (Friday and Saturday) at Boca Hawaii in Kakaako.  You get a t-shirt, your bib number, and instructions for the race (what time it starts, parking, bathrooms).  

The race starts and finishes at Kapiolani Park in Waikiki (right across the street from the beach) near the Waikiki Bandstand.  And the friendly ducks are a great bonus.  

The course is relatively flat except for the bit where we run around Diamond Head (going and coming back from the park).  The incline is not bad and it’s not a huge hill.  

There’s a few water stations to hydrate at on the course, and lots of snacks to fuel you at the finish.  The usual fruit (bananas, oranges, melon), muffins, and this time…  ICE CREAM!  πŸ˜ Brio ice cream.  Yum!

And yes, it was delicious.  Perfect for a hot day! 

Here’s the finish gathering area.  

Around 700+ runners this year, so it was crowded, but still lots of fun.  The running community on Oahu is great.  

The Mid-Pacific Road Runners Club helps organize and Boca Hawaii is always awesome. 

I ran good race this year, setting a new personal record for my 15K.  Best my best time by over 4 minutes!  

I placed 40th over-all and FIRST in my age division (F 35-39).  Yay!


Time: 1:09:28.9

And so… I celebrated by going to the Pacific Ink and Art Expo and getting my first tattoo!  Yes, really.  

(Tattoo artist Erwin Boco)

It’s a small stitched heart on the inside of my wrist.  

I’ve always wanted a tattoo and finally decided what I wanted a few weeks earlier.  

A heart on my sleeve, because it’s easy to read my emotions.  (I’m the worst at poker).  Stitched because I feel like I’ve put myself back together after my divorce… And I sew.  And the placement is exactly on the place where I can see my pulse.  

The processes took only about 7 minutes.  And no, there’s no screaming.  The pain wasn’t bad.  It was like cat scratches when you have a sunburn.  And as a marathoner, I think, we’ve got a pretty high tolerance for pain.  I could get a larger and more detailed piece next time.

And YES.  I’m going to get another tattoo.  Soon.  What should I get?


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