Freedom Half Marathon

July 5, 2015

Long Beach, California

13.1 miles

Yes, I run while on vacation!  I flew into California (from Hawaii) For Comic-con the following weekend, and arrived the night before the race.  I was excited to run this one because it’s where I first came back to running (after taking nearly a decade off) and I’d get to run with my marathon buddie again!

The course was an easy out-and-back (twice) on the beach pedestrian path.  Sea-level and perfectly flat = Awesome!  It was also nice and cool and overcast so there was no overheating.

And Long Beach actually has a nice long beach.  Haha!

There was one water/aid station that you get to about 2.5 miles in, and pass it again after you turn around.  Lots of water, lots of snacks, and very friendly volunteers.  The niceness of the staff/volunteers made up for the lack of organization (start times were confusing: website and email had different times).

But everybody gets a medal and pictures are free (published on their Facebook page)!


It was a fun and easy half marathon that I’d run again.


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