That Time I Ran in Paris

April 12, 2015

Paris Marathon

I flew 3,800 miles to run 26.2 miles in less than 4 hours.  And, oh, it was glorious!


The course ran straight through Paris, past so many beautiful sights and so many people cheering!  Allez allez!


My friend and I ran (but not together because we have different speeds) and earned beautiful medals!  And i’m wearing the finisher shirt.  it’s so blinding brightness, it’s really perfect for me.  Thank you to my running buddy!  i really wouldn’t have done it without her!  (and she really was great company on my semi-solo vacation)


My time is a new PR!  3 hours 48 minutes and 10 seconds.  i beat my old best by over 5 minutes, but i still don’t qualify for the Boston Marathon.  maybe if i keep it up, i can run Boston when i’m 60. hahahaha!  something to strive for.  but for now, i’m enjoying the memory of this great day.

If you’re thinking of running the Paris Marathon, let me just tell you a few things.  First, the water stations are every 5k, but they give you bottled water that you can carry for a bit if you want.  i wore a belt to carry my nutrition (Honey Stinger gummies) and a water bottle that i drank from and filled when needed.  Second, there’s cobblestone.  OMG, i was worried it would be a lot of it in this old city, but it’s only the first mile or so… i think.  and if the line is not too long and you have the time, get a rubdown/massage from the young people in the Tiger Balm booth.  the two pretty girls i had spoke English very well and were very gentle on my sore legs!  and lastly, pick a heat to start in that’s faster than your actual projected time.  i was honest and figured i would fit best in the 4 hour group, but i spent the WHOLE race weaving and bumping as i tried to pass slower runners.  i should’ve signed up for the 3:30 heat.  boo.  maybe i could’ve had a faster time if i didn’t have to dodge everybody.


I highly recommend running a race abroad.  Flying all the way from Hawaii to Paris was totally worth it.  I love Paris even more now.  The locals were so friendly and the food was delicious!  The weather was perfect, too!   i can’t wait to run another marathon in a far away place!  maybe New Zealand?  or Vancouver, Canada?  or some place closer… like San Francisco?  Who’s with me?!


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